Selecting your Digital Marketing Channels

Selecting your Digital Marketing Channels

Selecting the correct marketing channels and tailoring your messaging and KPIs to those platforms could be the differentiator between marketing success and a complete waste of your marketing budget. so pay attention

Adwords/Bing – Search Ads
Display Ads – Adwords, Programmatic
Video Ads – Youtube Vimeo Programmatic video

Search Ads
Budget: Use the keyword research tool on AdWords to find an average CPC I aim for a minimum of 100 clicks at an avg CPC

Use Case: Use Search ads when there is an existing demand for the product or service you sell, you’ll have an easier time capturing existing demand for your service/product on AdWords than any other platform

When Not to use: It will NOT generate demand for your product. i find people trying to use it for that when they expand their keywords to auxiliary keywords where it loses more and more relevancy for their product and their cpc increase and people waste more of their budget.

Display Ads
Budget: 1000* Avg CPC you need to drive a minimum of 1000 clicks to your site from display ads/month to get any amount of conversions
For Programtic, most solutions there is a minimum spend or platform fees
one of the best solutions we’ve found with low platform fees is a Toronto based startup called StackAdapt, there is a minimum spend of $5000 and the platform fees are integrated into the CPC

Use Case – display ads are a great way to spread a message, like a new collection or sale, it could also communicate the benefits of your product.

Creative costs should be low, one can bootstrap a few good ads relatively quickly and that’s recommended for you not to be too attached to your ads and having the ability to quickly and efficiently iterate through new ads

Facebook Ads
Budget: min $5/day
Use Case: Facebook is a great platform for 2 main things, communicating more complex ideas that you cant through display ads and generating demand for your product or service. i recommend running this in conjunction with AdWords

if you have the budget for it sequential targeting funnels work well depending on your KPI

Tip: have creative that stands out, vibrant colors,

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