The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Restaurant in 2019 and Beyond

The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Restaurant in 2019 and Beyond

From the various marketing tactics in the restaurant industry, influencer marketing has been found to be exceedingly effective, though not in the way you think…This step-by-step guide exposes the industry’s secrets to directing a successful marketing scheme.

Step 1: Identify Key Influencers In Your City/Area

You will first need to recognize the appropriate Instagram influencers (through Instagram, Google, other research) local to your area. The most read blogs in and about your city are also the initial tools you’ll need to expand your marketing channels.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whom to reach out to:
1. Influence (how many of their trust the influencer)
2. Reach (how many people does the influencer have access to)
3. Content (what kind of content they post). For example, f it’s a comedy channel, will the followers take financial advice from the influencer? Unlikely, though they might check out a suggested restaurant in their city.

Organize this info in a spreadsheet like the one below

Title your cells as:
– Influencer
– Follower-count
– Average views/videos
– Likes
– Notes: include any relevant observations in the notes.


To find new potential influencers on Instagram, click “Suggestions” in the app to display more relevant users

Once you’ve compiled a list, order it by average views/video and work my way down the list finding the most relevant people to reach out to.

Knowing which influencers to reach out to depends on two variables: creativity and influence; you would ideally like to get the widest reach with your comped food.(compensated?) Reach should be relative to the cost of your comped dinner.

Multiply the cost of the product by 1000 and use influencers who get more than that total number of views your unit of measurement.

For example, if my cost for a dinner for 2 is $40 then 40000 (40 times 1000) should be the minimum number of views circulated for that post.

Keep in mind this is the minimum, you’re less likely to get influencers with many more followers.

Step 2: Find An Angle and HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY

Once you’ve made a list of influencers, find an angle for your approach (explain what an angle is and what its meant to do).

Consider their type of content and audience – what they regularly talk about – to create the proper dialogue. If an influencer posts food photos, it’s easier to get on their page than a fashion blogger.

Bonus tip: Have a day exclusive to influencers to meet, mingle, and try your food/service. Creating this relationship increases the chances of a successful partnership. Understanding what you two can offer each other, immediately and/or long term, expedites this process.

Step 3: Reach Out
Set up a template and reach out. We use Instagram as our platform instead of an automated template for a more personal, enticing method. Remember, these people get a ton of messages per month, you don’t want to get lost in their DM’s.

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